Thought based approach

I am a self confessed geek so when I am guiding people with balance, motivation, self worth and achieving their goals for a successful life I will begin and end in the mind, backing most things up with an element of neuroscience as I find that when people know facts with their mind they can know a logical way of seeing things to become the best version of themselves.
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'other peoples success is not your failure'

One of the major things we need to realise is that we all have the same lessons in this life to learn but in different ways and comparison is one of the biggest thing that can steal your happiness and take the focus away from your success, we have to remember there are different ways to get to the multiplication of 4 and we all have our own yellow brick roads to Kansas so one of the major things you will adapt to is that other peoples success is showing you what is capable for you not there to put you down in anyway, shift our focus because what you focus on you find. Just google your reticular activating system and you will see why its important to realise what you focus on your find.
Houses of parliament- Amnesty International Director Kate Allan

Houses of parliament- Amnesty International Director Kate Allan

One instant way to be happy and successful in life is by helping others, I love the quote what JFK says its not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country. Think about it it even says in the bible 'Help thy neighbour' and it really is one of the best ways that you can have success within yourself by helping others to achieve theirs.
Helping others, that must be one ingredient to helping others - Porter Gale