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Simon Tomlinson - CEO of Genuine Confidence

Niamh Quinlan- Owner of Nev Productions


Ishana Meadows- Award winning director- Forex mentor

Samantha is such an inspiration to the coaching and mentoring world. My time spent with her working through a specific program really opened my eyes  to the potential of what I can really achieve in my life. She opened up doors for me that I didn’t even know where there! Her meticulous planning of the coaching sessions was personal to my needs and her vibrant personality made me feel cuter comfortable from the get go! I have gained such an insight to how I personally limit myself in life and have now got the tools to get mentally and emotionally focused for my goals. Before the sessions with Samantha, I felt I was all over the place with little direction for the short term. After just my first session with Samantha I felt inspired, motivated and could already see the direction that I wanted to be heading in. She guided me every step of the way, checking up on me to make sure I achieve personal targets, and it was genuinely so much fun to develop myself with her guidance. My time with her was eye opening, heart opening and mind opening. She is an extremely special individual with a unique gift, I’m sure she will continue to help people all around the world and leave a trail of happiness wherever she goes. Thank you so much Samantha x-- 

Jamie Forsyth and Staff at Staffordshire County Council

Mental health Ambassador for Amey in Staffordshire Counci

“Samantha kindly came into deliver a talk for my colleagues at Amey & Staffordshire County Council during Mental health Awareness Week. She met me before to tailor the presentation to our needs and the result was fantastic! The tone and delivery was perfect and was informative, eye opening and at times hard hitting. The feedback I had from staff was extremely positive. So much so we have asked her back to deliver a talk during Men’s Health Week.  The following comments are just a few amongst the great feedback I received from staff

 “I just wanted to say how bloody brilliant I thought today’s talk was! I honestly expected the talk to be the same blasé stuff about stress

But having a talk from someone else who has PTSD was just brilliant, I really feel like I’ve learned something today.

 Please do keep these events going.” 

 “I was unable to attend the session, but watched the full video this morning. I was most impressed and found it very useful, great presentation.”##

 Fantastic motivational Lady”

 “This has finally given me the confidence to talk to my colleagues about some of the day to day issues I face, Thank you so much”

Thank you Sammy for friendly and professional approach to what is a very difficult subject.

I would recommend Diamond You to anyone.”