Being you

Ok so I had to do this as my first post due to when I started my business and I was getting coached by numerous people, some very well respected coaches told me I needed to polish myself up. Now I know some people will have this in their life where they have people tell them that they should be how they expect them to be and lets face it we live in a world of labels and a world that tells us to be normal but not that way.

So I always like to share my experiences when giving anyone the best guidance I can as I'm a true believer if you haven't experienced and got over something yourself already in life then guess what you hold no boundaries whatsoever to give the advise to someone else. Being a coach I try to steer away from giving advise to clients but I'm sure you have had that friend in your life who has tried to give you relationship advise and they haven't had one successful relationship yet so subconsciously you don't listen to them.

Despite the fact that taking advise from a friend is bit different then someone of an authority figure it still has the same impact when someone makes out in your group your not being how thy want you to be or a boss or someone you look up to says you should change as your not living up to their standards, please understand this is one of my favourite quotes a strawberry never changes for anyone who doesn't like strawberries and hills compromise is important in any kind of relationship i.e work, business or love change is not as if someone can not see the value in you or hear the message you have it is not for their ears or eyes to listen or see and you and me both can sniff a fake person a mile away.

The moral of my story and most of all the meaning of this message is to make you realise that for one over peoples problem with you is non of your business and two as Sonya Parker says 'Live your life for you not for anyone else, don't let the fear of being judged rejected or disliked stop you form being you'. 

Peace x